Some plugin help + Featherboard Scoreboard Size.

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  1. Hi Spigot MC!,
    I need to make the size of the featherboard way smaller. If it is even possible. So, if it is, how would I do so?
    EDIT: I need help with my server, the builders can not build, attached is plugins. And I use PEX for perms. Vault is installed also. Any help is appreciated!
    EDIT EDIT: Image : [​IMG]
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  2. I don't think it's possible as it's rendered by the client... But you can locally change It's size in video settings on your client.
  3. Maximvdw


    Uh.. just don't make long texts inside your scoreboard
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  4. What setting is it?
    They aren't that long though.
  5. Update: need more help
  6. Attached where?
    Builders cant build... can other ranks build? You might want to give a little more info here.
  7. OP's are the only ones that can build. Image
  8. do you have in your PEX permissions:
    - modifyworld.* ??
  9. Hm... not quite sure then. My last option I can think of, is stop your server, remove a plugin, start your server, test. Do this for each of your plugins until you have found out which plugin is causing the issue. Once you have figured out which plugin it is, It will be easier to know how to help.
  10. This will also resize everything else though: