Some plugin is blocking others from sending messages! (Probably)

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Luke135, Feb 29, 2020.

  1. Hi I noticed that my players don't see messages from some plugins, unless they have op. Messages like: Join message from essentials (Quit message works,) ban message from essentials, automatic messages from automessage and messages from clearlag (those a upload_2020-2-29_17-39-44.png re the ones I noticed)
    Did somebody experience the same issue as me? I include a list of plugins if somebody has an idea which plugin could be causing this. upload_2020-2-29_17-39-44.png
    * HostifyMonitor is a plugin from my hosting.
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  2. It will be hard to help you since I'm not sure someone knows everything about all the plugins you have. You may try to remove plugins one per one unless broadcasted messages are seen by everyone and then check why this plugin causes that
  3. Yes I included the plugins just in case somebody would recognize some plugin that could be causing that, otherwise I will be doing exactly what you told me
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  4. Nah doesn't seem to be it. It's just some dependency plugin for RPG-Discovery
  5. try removing charcolor2
    also are there any errors in the console when your try to chat. Also it could be that players need some permissions to see some messages like a ban broadcast
  6. Chatcolor2 doesn't do it sadly. :/
    I was thinking permissions too but the Automessage plugin has no permissions! I see the messages in the console and when I have op, but when I deop myself I don't see it. Removing every plugin until I find the one that's doing this rn. I'm going to update you on what was the cause.
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    Did u have discord?
  8. looks like a plugin cancelling chat packet, the plugin most likely depends on ProtocolLib, so check for that, maybe PlayerMention?
  9. wdym u want to disable the /plugin command or ?
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