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  1. Ok, so I want to work hard with Spigot and upload many plugins over here and I have some questions:
    - How can I change my nick name, which is the minimum donation?
    - What's the minimum donation to get access to the VIP forums?
    - The privileges you get when you donate, are permanent?

  2. Answers in bold.
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  3. Thanks so much!
  4. The privs are as permanent as the owner of the site decides. If they add something tomorrow: you could get something new. If they are in a position that requires them to make a change: they can.

    It's not a buy-in.. it's a donation.

    I see a donators forum, I see no VIP forum. You're not a very important person, you're someone that made a personal gift donation to support the site. :p
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  5. Ok haha, I didn't know how to call it

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