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  1. Hello, so today I got to be part of a great thread talking about new plugin rules, and also about moderator.

    My suggestions is simple.
    • More resource staff members, to help with moderating the forums, and resource selections.
    • Better forum rules
      • That actually explain everything properly, and make it clear what they all mean.
    • Better Resource rules
      • That actually explain everything properly, and make it clear what they all mean.
    • Better staff members, that are complete dicks.
    • md_5 maybe you should refer to your own thread from 2012 Attitude
    But one problem I see a lot is that md_5 will tell you to make a change to your resource without stating why. He just tells you to do it. Even if it's not a listed rule. It's like there's some secret rules or something, that only staff members know of.

    Another thing is that you guys claim that the Premium Resource selection is for developers, to make some money of there work, and keep the motivated. But you guys act like gods, pushing those developers around, and not allowing them to do what they want with there resources. Yes you guys have rules, to protect your users, but those rules cannot be justified.

    Example: You guys do nothing about Piracy, you guys have a great feature with the placeholders that you can put in your code, but even if you get solid evidence, you won't ban or remove that user for Spigot, or that Resource.

    Fix: Developers started creating licensing systems, and you guys made a rule about it. That doesn't make any sense at all to do at all. It's like you're telling developer that they aren't allowed to protect there software.

    These are just some of the things that I could come up with at the moment since i'm at work. But I know other members will jump into this adding even more.

    Please fix the system.

    Best regards
    ~ Jaryn-R
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  2. [​IMG]
    Well that's a different staff request
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  3. I wish there was a rule where resources would be forced to make call-home features and statistical call-back features optional rather than forced and hidden.
  4. *magically finds and hires quality staff material members*
    *magically makes rules "better" according to your unstated specifications*
    *md_5 magically stops being owner of spigot and lets @EnumJava come up with the rules for spigot*

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  5. I know a lot of people on these forums that would go out of there way to do it.

    Learn to read, underneath the problem is said clearly, even for people like you that can't seem to read.

    There is a difference between being the Owner, and being a dictator to people, and there property.
  6. I've been running communities, many of them, since 1995, don't confuse being blunt, direct or strict, .. with being a dictator.
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  7. I'm well known for being blunt, direct, and strict sometimes. I also own a community myself, and I wouldn't treat people like he does.

    It's a fact that the way he handles things are very similar to how a dictator would.
    Telling someone to fix something, but giving no reason to why it should be fixed is something that indicates dictatorship.
  8. 1): all these people you "know" likely aren't staff material. and what "staff material" means is up to md_5 not you or me.

    2): your single comment underneath the problems are JUST ABOUT as ambiguous as the problem itself. Offer solutions not ideas.

    3): if md_5 wants to ban me and you for no reason at all he can do that. this is his community he can do what he likes, if you have a problem with that then leave.
  9. This proves my point, yes this is "his" community, but that wouldn't make that right.

    The solution is what is underneath make the rules clear, the way they are now suck. There are rules that make zero sense to be there, yet they exist.

    I guarantee that the members that would go out of there way to do something like moderate this site are.
  10. "they suck"

    well thanks for proving my point for a third time. clearly im talking to a wall now so I'll just leave and let you continue your holy war to make the rules "not suck"
  11. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Oh yay another thread from a premium resource author who is upset that they can't use the site as and how they please and screw over all the users in the process!

    I have addressed these exact complaints time and time again.

    There was a time where we did a) Aggressively punish users for leaking things and b) Developers were putting all sorts of arbitrary licensing rubbish into their plugins. Guess what? They completely didn't work so we changed the rules. We were getting absolutely swamped with complaints left, right and center and ultimately decided it was best for SpigotMC as a whole if we didn't get involved. As I've repeatedly stated time and time again, we try our best to balance the interests of the community, that includes developers and users. We get the exact opposite complaints from both ends all the time:

    Developers: Spigot isn't enabling us to protect our work properly
    Users: Spigot isn't protecting us from developers with inane licensing and banning systems who disabled my plugin for posting a 3 star review

    Just so happens that the developers a lot of the time make a gigantic thread about it with some namecalling and accusations of me hating them, whereas the users open a report or complaint about specific instances of this occurring - which is then how plugins (including your own) get told to fix their thing according to the rules.

    As for rules, they have evolved over 4+ years to best represent what works for the community. It's not as if we just sat down one day and put everything down arbitrarily. If you have a specific suggestion for a rule change, feel free to make a new thread about it and it will be considered, but if that rule change is "allow developers to ban anyone from their plugin with antipiracy or otherwise", you can forget about it.

    Believe me, I would love to have more staff members in general, but you have absolutely no idea how hard it is too find the perfect candidate. I disagree that more specific resource staff are needed however, because we don't need more staff who's only job it is is to ensure you can make a quick buck with a 2 hour premium approval time.

    EDIT: And before someone asks why I lock these threads after replying its because as @Coltll states generally they just end up with one side arguing the same point over and over and over. I have typed up a variation of this reply to a variation of this thread a dozen times over the past year, so you can please go look at those for further clarification.
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  12. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Probably also worth noting that we definitely do appreciate useful feedback and concrete suggestions for improvement - no less than three of our current/former staff members became staff after they came to me with a a problem that they saw within the forums and a way in which they believed they could help provide a solution.

    What we don't appreciate is the same complaint over and over - in this case a premium developer complaining they don't have free run of the section. We've justified our decision repeatedly and it's not going to change. We've run the section both with and without the rules, and with the rules we definitely have less issues arising from that section.
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