Some servers take too long to start..

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I own a little network mainly on minigames. So i have about 45 different servers connected to 1 BungeeCord server and all of them are not on the same dedicated box. I have 2 different dedicated servers, one is for Hub, BungeeCord and Databases and the other one is for the games. So everything is fine and fully working. But some of these game servers take very long to open up. Not all of them. So most of you will think that there is a problem with the plugins bla bla... I tried removing the plugins, resetting the worlds but it didn't work. At last i turned off the "Bungeecord" option in spigot.yml and it magically started up very quickly. So i think what happening is, the BungeeCord takes very long to connect to the server and till it connects it won't startup. So is there a solution for this problem i have ?

    P.S: I don't know why but it occures on some of the minigames not all of them. Most of them work very fine.
  2. it depends on the location of the two boxes
  3. If it did, wouldn't all of the servers on that box take that long to startup ? Some(most) take 2 seconds, some take up to 5 mins to start.
  4. it depends on how many plugins and worlds are enabled or installed
  5. I suggest you to read the post fully before answering. It might save you and other people some time. You never really know ;).
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  6. spigot build and bungee build?
  7. Spigot: 1.7.9-R0.2-205-g3633afe (Protocol Hack)
    BungeeCord: 1.8 #1059
  8. Could the minigames be causing this?
  9. I already tried removing all of the plugins. Still opening very slow...
  10. Fixed it with a plugin that only allows players that joined through a proxy ip. But the issue still exists with the built-in feature.
  11. Possibly memory leaks? They cause systems to slow down.
  12. Just checked, no memory leaks. Everything is using the amount of memory they need.