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Bug Some users unable to login upon reboot of server.

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Bobthehalfdead, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. Hello, oh wise and wonderful people of Spigot, and Happy [Insert Holiday Here]!

    I am hoping you can help me with an odd issue that is popping up. This is occurring with every build of Spigot 1.7.2 that we have tried.

    Here is how it starts:
    1. Reboot server
    2. Impatient user connects to server while it is going through boot process

    12:05:20 AM CONSOLE: WARN]: An exception was thrown by a user handler's exceptionCaught() method while handling the following exception:
    12:05:24 AM CONSOLE: WARN]: Failed to initialize a channel. Closing: [id: 0x236ccf82, /[Users ip] => /[Server IP]

    After this error occurs, most users won't be able to join while others get in without issue. All of the users who cannot get in spawn the same error message in the log with a different ID.

    Of note, is that if the users wait to connect until the boot process is completed all users are able to connect without error.

    Anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing this? Workarounds?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have!
  2. A list of plugins will help. Use NoCheatPlus is my assumption.
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  3. We have tons of plugins, but we have tested this with all of them off and gotten the same results.

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