Someone can crash my server.

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  1. If you have any info about this crash please let me know ASAP. A user was able to crash both factions and prison without executing any commands. The player sent me a Telegram messenger username, presumably to try to sell me a fix for the crash.

    Here's the entire log for factions after "CiaoAmigo" joined:
  2. "Spigot version: git-PaperSpigot-fe4c7c8-d27e6d0 (MC: 1.8.7)"

    Update your Spigot and I believe we can't provide any support for PaperSpigot.
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    Some people do provide support for PaperSpigot :p
    and yea, update your spigot version there's a very high chance this was fixed in newer versions
  4. More like, we can't provide any support to servers using 4 year old versions of a software.

    This seems like the classic book exploit, which, by the way, has been fixed for ages. That's what you get for using 4 year old software.
    You can use this plugin to patch it, but seriously, you should be freaking updating. If you're gonna run 4 year old piece of software, you should be well prepared to face issues like this.
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    Eh, some do but what do you expect, personally i won't support anything below 1.13 when it comes out
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  6. Some people indeed do, but I myself am not going to spend time helping someone fix an issue which is literally fixed in a newer version of the exact same piece of software.
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    agreed, which is why i'm only supporting 1.13+ in all future plugins, however of course, at some point i will drop 1.13 support, the only exception really would be my ServerBuilder which supports every version (seriously, it has waaaay older versions than 1.7) *shrug*
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