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  1. i have a minecraft server and there is a scoreboard/infoboard thingy on the right of my screen and there is a ip of the server i got the scoreboard thingy from but i dont know what file i go to to edit the ip i dont know what the file is called or the plugin jump on my server and look please
  2. Maybe buying the plugin will fix it.

    (Checked on his server, and the version is leaked.) @Maximvdw
  3. Are you using FeatherBoard? If not, which scoreboard plugin you are using?
  4. He is. Using a leaked one.
  5. But..he didnt mention using FeatherBoard..
    Or I am Blind? x

    Edit: Oh wait, you entered his server and then checked it right?
  6. I'd recommend you use a free plugin - TitleManager for scoreboard instead of using a leaked paid plugin.
  7. Yes....