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  1. on my server im op but i cant do./op or i cant use ban kick or mute can someone help me and tell me how to make it so if ur op u can use all commands besides pex
  2. Which are you plugins? Are you using spigot? Try giving you the * perm
  3. im using bucket
    but even when i delete pex i still cant do ./op
  4. It would be ideal if you provide your plugin list for us.
  5. When you do /op does it show an error message like this command is blocked or does it say you dont have permission for that?

    If it says the command is blocked its probably a plugin blocking that for saftey I believe nocheatplus does this sometimes.

    If it says you dont have permission try giving yourself this permission in console
    If you are using pex I believe the command is
    /pex user (your username) add *
    if you are using group manager its
    /manuaddp (your username) *