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I need a plugin help!

  1. The name of the plugin

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  2. If a dev could give me their Skype so we could talk about it.

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  1. Dear Spigot community,
    I don't know if it already exists but i need a plugin.

    The plugin should be able to give special characteristics to items which have special NBT tags.

    I would like for instance an emerald (The item type should be specified in the config) and it should have a special name and special lores. Each time you use this item it immediately gives you 2 hearts of health. And I should also be able to add this items in the kits. Thanks
  2. Wrong section

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    Shameless promo.

    You can use my Coupons plugin for this. All you'd then need is a plugin to add hearts to a player via a command.
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  4. Add me on skype: SeverePvP1 I'll help you