Someone to help me Beta-Test my plugin

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  1. Huh?
    I am working on a premium plugin, which I should hopefully finish by August, but I want to see how someone that has never used it before interacts with it. If possible you should set up a local server and open a port (because the plugin needs at least 2 players to work) and I will join, and screenshare me, so I can see how you are working with it, and if it's confusing.
    What do I get?
    You won't get much, other than free access to it once it's released and my undying love. (In a strict platonic way) (unless you are a girl ;) )
    What do you get? Where's the catch?
    There's no catch, I just want to see how the average user interacts with it, preferably you should speak about everything and everything you like (and most importantly) dislike about the plugin.
    Love and access to some obscure plugin isn't enough, what do I get?
    A nice rank in my discord server? I dunno...

    Fine I am convinced, where do I sign up?
    I can be found in 3 places: (My support discord for those who use my plugins) (My C++ discord server, where I help anyone needing C++ help (or any language really))
    Or by simply hitting me up on discord in my DMs: masecla22#6710

    Thanks a lot!
  2. It's on OK of an idea but I'd recommend you search up for serveromat. It's a site where you can make a free temporarily server which is perfect for plugin development. You need to renew it every 24h with a click of a button. You get FPS access and full control on the server. If I am not mistaken you get a dual-core server with 0.5GB of RAM and 12 max players.

    If you want to send premium plugins to Annon people, it's your choice ;)
  3. Mmm, when I went on ServerOmat, its says 1GB so its even better ;)
  4. I wasn't sure when I wrote that, it is also 1GB for me, actually 910MB. The RAM was false but the other statements were correct.
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    For some reason when i made a account forever ago i now have a free 2gb server so xD im lucky
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  6. Lucky... I wouldn't need to run a macro every 12 hours then (so the server doesn't get deleted)...
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    Oh no i still nneed to redeem it every 24 hours sadly, but minne doesn't delete just closes, xD