Someone told me that hosting the website and the server on the same machine is bad.

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  1. When you host a server and website on the same machine, the server might use more power for the website and make it slower or the website might use more power so its less that the server can use.
  2. A web server doesn't take many resources though.
  3. The circumstances of each server can be really different and the person who told you that is probably based on widespread speculation. You should have enough knowledge of your own Minecraft server and your website so you can know the resources they spend on the dedicated server and you will be able to have both at the same time if neither of them exceeds the limit set by the other taking in count resource usage like cpu, ram, disk space and network bandwich.
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  4. I think they said it because of cloudflare, it can protect your website's IP from being exposed, but not minecraft server's
  5. The reason that I suggest it as a bad idea is because if your Minecraft server is being DDoS’ed, then you still want a functioning website, if you can help it. And vise-versa.

    But depending on your set-up, and how likely you are to get attacked, it’s not necessarily a requirement.
  6. Which is useless because shodan will just scan it anyway
  7. I'm running my Proxy, Lobby & Website off the same machine and have close to no latency or loading issues with my website, nor connection issues with the game servers. But that's my circumstances, maybe if you're hosting your main server on the same machine it will affect loading time.
  8. I personally see no issue in running both your server and website on the same machine. It generally works fine, and as long as you have a host that provides you with DDOS protection (such as OVH), there is nothing to really worry about in terms of security.
    I've did that myself for 2 years now and never have I had any major issue. Of course, decentralization and redundancy is a valid point, but there's no need to spend 25% more on a website host for a small server that doesn't get more than 100 players anyway.

    Many people in the Minecraft community tend to speculate about a lot of things, so take everything you see (especially from a member without a really strong ethical reputation) with a grain of salt. Some people here have their personal interests and value them more than those of the community. That's why you'll see people false-advertise to give bad advice to earn more based on their revolutionary products, hosting solutions, etc.
  9. Hello this is bad and at the same time insecure
    imagine that you have an attack ddos or for some reason your server has had an error basically the web is out of order
    you can also suffer hacks via web or via minecraft server you open the doors to more chances of attacks
  10. The issues you presented can be mitigated by sepparating the two workloads.

    You can do a lot of things to ensure that doesn't happen, from using containers to virtualizing and hosting your mc server separately from your website.

    In any case, it's not the end of the world, and the 1 hour of work required to make it work is in my opinion worth the 30-50 EUR not spent on more hardware each month.
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