Someone who could take time to set up my server, in a professional like way.

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  1. Hello fellow readers!

    I'm currently looking for a some what experienced person, who knows how to set up servers with Essentials, group manager, world guard and other plugins in that similar interest. (I will probably's go into more detail about the plugins etc.)

    My problem is that I am lacking time, and am struggling to sort out permissions of the plugins to different ranks. I would be really appreciative if someone could take their time to help me out and do these things for me and in return will probably's get a high management rank on my server, if they decide to stay.

    Thank you.

    Server IP:
  2. Are you paying?
  3. Depends on the price I guess.
  4. What do you mean? Are you paying people to do this job or not?
  5. Yes, but not before hand, only after. I dont fancy getting scammed, by sending them the money and they dont do what i want, or anything at all.
  6. Well charge back then. No one is going to give you a full on server config without payment as they can't do anything to get their money if you don't pay them. (Apart from go to court, but no one will really do that tbh). Also, state your price and what you want.
  7. Hey.
    It seems like i can help you with the server / setup.

    Contact me on my skype.

    Skype name: XacouPvP

    See ya there ^.^