Someone with cracked minecraft server help please :/

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  1. solved i think
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  2. Use BungeeAuth or hire a dev for make one custom
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  3. No money for a dev, and I think I can't use bungeeauth since I have just 1 spigot server and not bungee (Never used bungeecord in my life) Thanks for suggestion tho.
  4. Don't steal minecraft.
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  5. Minecraft makes 200,000+ per day, I don't really think they give a shit if people use cracked lmao.
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  6. They just make the 200k users? wow.

    and it's 20k noodle. minecraft has only 12m total users.
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  7. they hit like 20m dum dum

    whos the noodle now
  8. read it wrong my b

    (I read how many pc users there are didnt count ios and ps / xbox)
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  9. Does login security work 100% I kinda don't want to switch to a plugin that hasn't been updated in 3 months.

    For others, please stay on topic.
  10. I've used it when I used to run cracked servers.
  11. Please, don't go cracked. @K3Feedz, who was a large cracked server owner, can tell you why. He made a post a while back, here it is:
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  12. Some of those points make me lol;
    • Then don't have a plugin to disable other plugins, simple. Or if you must, don't allow access to the commands for players and staff.
    • Or you could set up your network correctly so this isn't an issue. IPtables are great!
    • Once again, if you set up stuff correctly, you're fine.
    • The UUID isn't broken, it just uses a different system. Most plugins unless specifically specify work with offline UUID as they're only the user names converted = still unique.
    • There was never a community for cracked servers, however the spigot community are a hell of a lot more open than bukkit was. But there are still plenty of pitch fork wielding people.
    • Pretty sure the cracked community isn't dead, TE (@Neofusion) still brings in 150/150 and LegitPlay (@jeff142) 50-150 most of time (just to name two of the largest non Brazilian/German ect speaking server).
    • That's up to you, I am sure you can GEO block people from country's if you're unhappy with a multi-culture server. I didn't realize UK, Australia and New Zealand had such a large problem with speaking English.
    • I agree with this point, without going into massive detail, yes offline server do make less money then their counterparts when it comes to players. The logic is simple, if a player is not willing to purchase a game they're more than likely not going to purchase something off your store. If you start an offline server expect to make money like the big boys you're gonna have a reality check fast.
    • Once again, if you set up stuff correctly, you're fine. Unless you have had an extremely unlucky bunch of plugins.
    • Agreed, but it's an important plugin to need / use.
    • IPTables won't always protect, but yes that's what I used.
    • Depending what plugins, I had to get custom plugins made to protect my server.
    • UUID is broken, change your name and tell me if you still have your items / ranks, and etc. Unless you have a custom plugin.
    • Most spigot resources says " we do not support offline / cracked servers " because they don't want to bother attempting to fix something that's already broken.
    • The cracked community isn't dead, but a cracked user can simply find an alternative account on the internet. I mean after all, it's the internet.
    • I owned a cracked server, I visit other cracked servers, most of the community do not speak English in public chat.
    • I don't need to explain myself here. I do know for a community about 1k would make about $10k ( around that amount ) per month.
    • I'm pretty sure every cracked server has unlucky plugins since 3/4 of cracked servers do get hacked. Also I wanted to point out one more thing.
    What happens if you don't own a dedi, but a share host and you own a single cracked server? You can't use IpTables then.

    Done speaking about cracked, it's not the way unless you want to face a bunch of problems.
    • You stated "You might have a bungee server? Then I can direct connect to other servers with no login" which isn't true if you set up the network correctly. You don't need magical custom plugins.
    • Once again. The UUID system isn't broken. With offline servers, the UUID is taken from the players user name NOT the mojang servers. Of cause when you change your name it will not update items, do you expect Mojang to house all non premium accounts on their end as well?
    • Wot.
    • Than you mustn't have visited many. As stated in the previous post, there are language specific servers but other server such as TE (@Neofusion) have been around since 1.2.x days and still are at 150/150 most of the time.
    • No one is asking you to explain your self. Hell I even agreed with is specifying why that's the case. If your goal was to make money, you shouldn't have created an offline server. Doesn't take a financial genius to work out why :)
    • Where's your proof? I could say the same thing about non cracked servers. Just because you have had a bad experience doesn't make that the same case for everyone.
    • Than go with a host that does allow it... I am not sure what your angle was on this question. It's like asking "What if this burger had lettuce on it?" You choose a different burger or don't have one.
    All the problems you mention could have been fixed with proper experience and knowledge. But I wish you all the best with your server/network.
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  13. To clear some things up:
    1. I have premium and so does everyone on my staff team.
    2. Only why I have cracked server is because it's balkan server (croatian, serbian, bosnian). And people in balkan every 10th player has cracked/public premium and every 30th has his own premium, so no I can't host a premium server for balkan community (I wish I could, but it just wouldn't work)
    3. I don't understand why people love going off-topic.
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