Something keeps writing B in front of every message

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  1. Hi. Everything was ok but then i realized that i have this B in front of every server message. Thought the plugin is OK, i cant see any B there. Please help
  2. What plugin are you using and what does its config look like?
  3. ServerBroadcast. One guy made this plugin for me.
  4. And this B is in evey message. bBuccessfully teleported to Spawn, bGangets set
  5. @Nelfis A quick google shows me that \u0412, which all your messages start with, is a Cyrillic capital letter VE, which is a B. There's your B.
  6. Didnt help me, this problem in in all plugins now.

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  7. Thats problably not your server. It problably has somthing to do with the plugin: "Gadgets Menu". Is that plugin on there? Because below all the "b-" I saw a message that looked like it would be from Gadgets Menu. I would reccomend contacting yapzenyie about the issue.
    If that didnt help or you have another problem please reply and Ill be happy to help you.

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