Somethings Broken, no idea what

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  1. Hey all, I recently migrated a server to a new machine. It's a 1.10.2 server that a friend setup for me some time ago, he unfortunately no longer has time be a resource to help me with this so I've come to you for help. I've got "Server Backup" plugin that I used to migrate from machine to machine. I've got an issue where when a certain player logs in the server crashes, I get a large dump of errors which mentions reporting crashes to Spigot for help, so here I am! Any advice would be appreciated.

    I don't see anything in here about plugins, it just looks like maybe the core of MC is broken? I did recover this from a failing RAID Array. The world appears to be intact, I hope. I've tried to replicate it with other players but it only seems to be him.
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    Supporter your log please, pasting it in the thread with absolutely zero formatting just looks disgusting
  3. Fixed?
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    Looks like dynmap's causing the issue because the chunk that the player is logging into is corrupted. Probably could force teleport the player into spawn, and try fixing the chunk using the minecraftregionfixer.
  5. Thank you so so much, this greatly helped. I had a few bad chunks(34), just used the tool to delete them and move on. Thanks!