Spigot SortedTablist 1.3

Sort your tablist with Custom Prefix

  1. Omel submitted a new resource:

    SortedTablist - Sort your tablist with Custom Prefix

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  2. Seems like a nice plugin. Will test it :)
  3. Nice to hear.
  4. Doesn't work for me :/

    Spigot 1.10.2
  5. Oh. But there aren't any NMS Imports :eek:
    Im Sry but then this doesnt work for 1.10.X
    If i got any time i will add 1.10.X Support!
  6. I think 1.10.X is the most common version of Minecraft at the moment so, YES! You should add 1.10.X support. :D
  7. vdx


    Ich habe ein Problem mit meinem TAGAPI , ist nicht verwendbar, und damit das Plugin auch nicht > 1.8.X < + iTag ist nurnoch verwendbar.
  8. So this is working in 1.11.2, but could there be a reload command please? :)