Soulnode VS Revivenode VS Elixirnode?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Isakvm, Jun 26, 2021.

  1. Soulnode VS Revivenode VS Elixirnode?

    which one is the best?
    personally i like elixirnode's looks more but which do you reccomend?
  2. I have only ever personally used ElixerNode. Their top tier plans are better priced than the other host so I would recommend them for the price and quality you get.

    If you need dedicated ryzen 5 3600+ resources, check out - not used them but you can purchase one plan and run multiple servers off of 1 instance which is nice for future expansion ok the same ram. Tho, they are out of stock a lot due to such high demand.
  3. i kinda think their site is ugly and their logo looks like a lady part ;_;
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  4. So are you paying for server performance or for the look of the website, not the actual specs. If thats the case then just purchase from any website you like as you don’t seem to actually want the best performance per dollar.
  5. The latest quality metric in hosting: whether the logo looks like a lady part!
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  6. The place needs to be a good workplace where i can spend my time in the console and file manager without getting a headache because of the looks.
  7. The way the front website looks and the actual panel are 2 different things. Most panels are all the same style overall.
    Most of your time will be in the (s)FTP via Filezila / WinSCP anyways, so thats just a directory.

    The prettiest website does not mean it will have the prettiest panel. Performance is more than looks. Almost all host backend panels will look the exact same, either as Pterodactyl or the other alternative
  8. I own a Soulnode server, and they're pretty much great, I don't get any lag, pretty fast support, though when I purchased a server, they were giving pretty low CPU, until I told them that 100% CPU isn't a full core, but they were pretty fast to respond, and they updated their specs on the page! I haven't used revivenode myself, but they've got odd pricing in my opinion, 1.75$ for Ryzen 5, but I've heard they've updated their pricing so I guess you could use them now. Elixirnode, well they look really really good, but I haven't tested their servers. They've got really fair pricing, so I'd go for them too.
  9. Why do these all have to have 'Node' in their name?
    The OP seems to have an odd way of assessing their needs.

    You should also review their feedback. Some of the 'cheeper' options have terrible service provision.
    Do you expect your players to wait 2 or 3 days for them to get your server back online?
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