Spigot Sounds++ 1.2

Choose sounds when someone joins , leaves , teleports and more !

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    Sounds++ - Choose sounds when someone joins , leaves , teleports and more !

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  2. Broooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. This is exactly what plugin I was looking for! You have plenty of sounds to choose from with many conditions to use them in. I love it 5/5. excellent job borther! Keep up the good work!
  3. This excellent plugin has been on my server for 6 months - we cannot be without it.
    Could we ask if an update to 1.9.2 would be possible soon?
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  4. I love it, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!
  5. An 1.9/1.10 update? :(
  6. When I try to run this I get "Cannot find sound:..." on every event
    i.e. Cannot find sound: note-pling

    Also when a pick breaks there is no sound at all
    is this plug in dead?
  7. I want hotbar scroll sound and inventory click sound!! Please
  8. I don't understand why in the past, there was soooooooo many sounds plugins like this and since 1.10, nobody update.
    I want hotbar scroll sound too. :(
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  9. Is this still active? Any chance to add custom sounds from resource packs?
  10. Custom sounds... I have seen a discussion about custom sounds and bukkit from the crackshot plugin. Since custom sounds are present, nothing was done. But may be it's wrong now.
  11. Since you can play these sounds to players and yourself, it should not be a big deal to implement such a feature.
  12. The problem is, according to this discussion, no code in bukkit API to play a custom sound. There is only the command /playsound.
  13. Hotbar scroll sound and inventory moving items sound ?
  14. PawPawDude


    Last update in 2013.
  15. Hello, i have updated a plugin based on this.
    If you want to check his name is PlayMoreSounds.
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