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  1. no deberia hacer falta en SkyWars
  2. Thanks i wait answer !!
  3. LOL Could I pass the yml?
  4. Send me the yml if u want, i did set the prefix with the comand '/stablist setPrefix', what version are you using ?
  5. I do not have access to the plugins only to its configuration, so the OWNER wants it.
    According to console is the 1.7 old version?
  6. The TAB I put it from the yml, not with the command (For groups)
  7. Do you mean Minecraft 1.7 ? If you're using that version, it's probably the cause of the error, since it's not a supported version. If you don't mean the version of Minecraft but the version of the plugin you should update anything first and test if it works.
  8. Plugin updated, I continue with the problem with the Prefixes.
    As you see, they are set by default for each rank, without the need to use the command in play

    Can you give me a solution or do you recommend changing plugin?
  9. What minecraft version are you using ?
  10. Estoy usando Spigot 1.8.8 y Minecraft 1.8.9
  11. Prueba la ultima version que puse.
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  12. No entiendo exactamente cual es el problema ?
  13. I hope you understand me xd
  14. Vale luego pruebo a ver que pasa.