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  1. Hello, is it possible to add Chat per world?
  2. Enable CustomChat in config.
  3. Not at this moment, i could change the permissions system so it doesn't require you to add the help permissions to execute a command.
  4. That would be fine for me
  5. Se necesita un plugin externo para poder crear las arenas?
  6. "Si" una vez tengas instalada la unica dependencia del plugin (CustomInventoriesAPI) necesitaras un plugin que te permita moverte entre mundos para asi poder crear las arenas.
  7. Y como se supone que voy a crearlas? Me toca crear mundos vacios con el Multiverse por ejemplo?
  8. No, deberias tener la Arena ya hecha y simplemente cargarla con un plugin de mundos, el Multiverse por ejemplo va bien en este caso.
  9. Hello, the game was already tested on my test server with more than 50 active users and the truth is that they love them as well as me, thanks.
    But they also made some suggestions for improvement.
    - At the end of a game that comes out a TOP KILLS in the chat
    - Kills and assists in scoreboard
    - The spectators do not come out in tabulator
    - Kill effect
    On the other hand, what is the node to be able to compare SKILLS?

    Saludos ;)
  10. You can add kills on scoreboard, you can't add assits because they don't exist to begin with, there are no assits since there is no Team mode. Variable '{kills}' but it shows the total amount of kills u have, not only the kills of the current game you are. If you don't see spectators on tab it's because i hide them, it's working like it should. And what do you mean by compare SKILLS ?
  11. Amigo podrías sacar una actualización con los menús más parecidos a los SkyWars de CubeCraft? Sería una pasada
  12. I mean permission to buy SKILLS
  13. Sure, but I think I misunderstood. If I can buy the skills but in the GUI it appears to me that no
    PM for the ip
  14. MaTaMoR_ updated SoundSkyWars with a new update entry:

    Command system changed!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  15. Hello, I would like to make some suggestions for upcoming updates.
    - When winning a game, execute an editable Title.
    - Differentiate chests from the center, for example, could make normal chests in the normal islands and cheat chests in the center so that in the configuration we could put other types of items.
    - Possibility of disabling kits and skills by sand, in this way we can add different sands (Spleef / tntrun / and more) I hope you understand me xD
    - Add maximum construction height. I'm not sure if that's currently, it just happened to me.
    At the moment that's it, your SkyWars is one of the best I've acquired. I currently use it on my Beta IP server:
    Anything else, could you explain how the coins booster works?
    Greetings and forgive my bad English n.n