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  1. So I want to buy a dedi with sys and I created order howerever it says that server in france will be avaible in ten days. That means if I pay for a server now i will have to wait for a server to be ready. Will my days of my 30day period start when I buy or when I recieve server. I asked their support however they just copy pasted answer and sent me my order link.
  2. It begins on the activation of your server. Call they're support for more info, I believe it's 24/7 and they're very responsive.
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  3. It actually begins 48* hours after you install a OS from their CP.
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  4. Oh really? Their policy must have changed. It used to he upon activation, because what if you never installed an OS? Just a waste of space
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    Obviously there'd be checks for inactivity if that were the case.
  6. Of course of course. I wonder how long they would continue the server if an OS was never installed
  7. Thanks guys for clearing that up, this community is the best :)
  8. It's 48 hours, I checked my email.
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