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  1. My server is running on a SoYouStart game server , and the problem with it is limited bandwith.
    It seems it won't let me upload files to sftp of speeds bigger than 250kb/s , even though it is newly bought and i didn't use any bandwith , plus it has a big bandwith on speedtest.

    I searched for the problem on the web and it seems like many people had the same issue,but the posts are quite old, from 2016.

    I tested with a VPN too,in case it was my ISP's fault,but it gives simmilar results.

    This is what the server speedtest shows:


    This is the SFTP and FTP speed of my upload:


    And this is my home connection speed


    Do you have any idea why this is happening,or how i can solve it?
    If you have any clue of a method to solve this problem,i'll be very gratefull.
  2. Are you uploading one big file, or a lot of small files?
  3. A big file,more exactly an 6gb archive.
    When uploading small files,it gets down to 50 kb /s
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    I recall having slow speeds using WinSCP with SYS a few years back. Have you tried FileZilla? Just wondering.
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    I use filezilla. If you get the same speed using filezilla, open a support ticket and wait a week or two for a reply unless their customer service has improved.
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  6. Hmm it sounds like transmit queue length might be the bad guy here,

    Can you try the following and see if that helps you?
    Code (Text):
    ifconfig <interface> txqueuelen <size>
    ifconfig eth0 txqueuelen 10000
    If this does help out you can always set it permanent by appending the following file
    Code (Text):
    $ sudo vi /etc/rc.local
    /sbin/ifconfig eth0 txqueuelen 10000
  7. Pretty sure this is the case with any ftp client. No clue why they have such slow speeds, they just do.
  8. Had it on all of my hosts, I think that its more like SFTP is slow.
    You should try to upload the file to dropbox or mediafire then download it from your server.