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  1. I bought the wrong place

    I want to buy Canada

    Can I have a refund?

    I haven’t received a message in a day
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    Wait for their reply, nobody can help you here. They will probably refund you once.
  3. You probably won’t be able to get a refund but they might be able to move your server
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    This is why we read before forking over tens/hundreds of dollars kids.
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  5. Did you not see the "Datacentre: In France (quicker delivery)" sign when ordering? :rolleyes::oops:
  6. You can call SoYouStart directly for more information. The number is available on the website.
  7. Had this once aswell because when you click "North America" it automaticly applies the France location for some reason and you still need to manually switch it. You can just contact them by phone or ticket and it will get sorted.
  8. If you do not install the operating system of the server, they will return the money and you can buy another one. If you have installed the operating system there is nothing that can be done.
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  9. I don't know if you've solved this, but they're pretty forward coming when it comes to this. I once bought an alternate machine when my preferred one was out of stock and when it was stocked a week after, I contacted support and we swapped machines. Theoretically, they just refunded me and I bought a new machine. No fuss, and rather quick too. Props for SYS for that.

    EDIT: This is a part of their 14 day policy. If you wait through the 14 days, you need to wait till the end of the month.
  10. Well I've got a weird situation:

    Last week I bought a server at SYS for 50 euros, this payment was done on the 12th of july. So today I thought I would like to cancel the server in advance because I'm stopping with using it. Server is due till 11th of July. But all of a sudden my server has beem removed, I do not have access to it anymore and they withdraw all access to it. What does this mean? I get my money back or what? XD
    Because this is just weird, I just cancelled the dedi in advance. I've only used it since the 12th of July.
    Can someone tell me what is happening?
  11. Instead of going on SpigotMC, consider contacting their support.
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  12. Well I did... Some people actually do that instead of directly asking here. I was wondering if other people had something similar.
  13. They can probably return the remaining days as credit, and let him order a new server in Canada with those credits. I've seen that done before.
  14. The last thing companies want to do is return any earned money. They may be able to solve the issue by moving the server or changing the subscription, but you will not get any money back. Maybe they'll cancel the current subscription and give you some credit as mentioned earlier, if they have such system.
  15. Well just got my server back online, after like a week. I'm now going back to them that I want to have an extra week, because I couldn't make use of my service for a week because of their mistake.

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