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  1. OP-SAT-1 AMD Opteron 4334 6 c/ 6 t 3.1 GHz+ 32 GB 2 x 3 TB SATA Soft 16*
    $39.00 USD

    ^^ What could that handle. (Players, servers plugins etc)

    Also do SYS have good Ddos protection?
  2. Depends on your setup;

    Some people run 80 players with 20 TPS and only 2Gb of memory and a set of plugins;

    but it really matters what your players are doing; what the plugins are doing and how it's optimized
  3. Well how about for example, a 60 plugin factions and prison server with 50 players on each? With 10gb ram on each server.
  4. 10GB? You should never be allocating so much RAM to one process. As a rule of thumb, 2GB should be enough for a well optimised server.

    To answer your question, I run 5 small servers on a E3-SAT-1 ( and everything works flawlessly. There isn't very many players but I would say it could handle upto 60 or 70. While this is a different server, you should be able to guage the difference in performance from the price.
  5. I would suggest going with Intel over AMD.
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  6. RSNET-Radic


    Stick with Intel, you're going to punish that CPU with trying to run Minecraft.
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