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  1. Yes they are good & legit.
    go for it.
  2. Yidas


    I'd recommend the E3-SSD-3 (for your budget), but of course the server you purchase will depend on your needs.
  3. Yea, should be good. However,
    A Minecraft server will mainly depend on the CPU, not RAM. If you spend like €4 more you could get one of the I7 game servers, this would work well. And 16GB I7 4790k would run 100 players fine. I'm guessing there's only one instance running? Or do you have a bungee?
    The CPUs in the SYS game servers are currently the best CPU for Minecraft.
    Obv if you have a huge player base and not much RAM, RAM is going to be the limiting factor however it is generally CPU.
  4. 4 is definitely enough if your setup is efficient.
  5. That will be fine.
    50 Plugins!?!?
    What the heck.
    Ok den
    Also, since minecraft is single threaded.. ram is nothing.
    You will need a good processor.

    Whoever's idea was it to make minecraft single threaded shall be shamed upon.. (Inb4 its notch :D)
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    I have 75 or so on my in-progress survival server :p
  7. I suggest you get an I7 server, from SYS or OVH :)
    If it's out of your budget, then go for the other one suggested, E3 ....

    Edit: if you go with the game server, get it from OVH, slightly more ram for not that much more, plus there is no setup fee
  8. Unless an good sys admin protects the machine against bruteforce attacks
  9. I disagree just go for someone with a good reputation. Someone with 5 posts an 0 positive ratings is clearly not going to be overly trustworthy.

    @HexxitPvP If you do need a setup, I could do this for you in a few minutes. You can PM me if you wish.

    I think he means the sys admin installing Multicraft may add it to a botnet.
  10. Just saying it's not bad to be safe.