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  1. I'm making a space themed server and I want to make it so when players are outside their base/ship, they fly. Not just like normal fly, like half the speed of normal fly. So pretty much, if they are not fully concealed, they fly. I can even use worldedit regions to show no fly if it works best, but I would prefer outdoors/indoors. Any plugins? Thanks.
  2. Sounds like you need a custom plugin but if you want to muddle through with existing plugins you could use worldguard and worldguard extraflags to mark no fly zones and activate commands when they enter a region to put them in fly mode, maybe you set an effect on them to make them slower as well. In a small space-based cmd block mini game i made i used a slow levitation effect as zero gravity rather than flight.
  3. Alright, about the slow levitation, they would need it across the entire world as its a space themed server. Also, I want them to fly slowly. Any ideas?
  4. Alright, solved. To anyone wondering how I did it, I simply made the "space station" a worldguard region. Using "console-command-on-entry" and the exit one, I turn on their fly and set there speed to 0.2. Sadly, they still fly in bases though.
  5. I thought there was a no fly flag, i remember using it for an elytra course to stop people /fly cheating
  6. BabyxSparklez.

    BabyxSparklez. Previously Dyn4micUniverse

    You can set everyones fly speed lower.

    Or a plugin such as
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  7. BabyxSparklez.

    BabyxSparklez. Previously Dyn4micUniverse

    I did not make that, or have never used it so I wouldn't know how it works.

    I think you would just need a custom plugin then.
  8. It was updated just under 2 weeks ago, try contacting the author as they will probably respond.

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