Spacebukkit, Multicraft, or McMyAdmin?

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Spacebukkit, Multicraft, or McMyAdmin?

  1. Spacebukkit

  2. Multicraft

  3. McMyAdmin

  1. I am going to be switching server hosts in the next few days and I have gotten very sick of Multicraft randomly restarting my server... (not talking about that in this thread) So the question is. Spacebukkit, Multicraft, or McMyAdmin?
  2. SpaceBukkit!
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  3. I really like the interface with mcmyadmin, never tried spacebukkit though. I would go with mcmyadmin really if you need a control panel. Also mcmyadmin has an app for iOS if you have a device running that :).
  4. No... Use SpaceBukkit and Adminium. Instant full control.
  5. jtaylor69

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    Why not identify the reason for such restarts?
    Is it a Ping Timeout? If so, you may have a crash that happens regularly.
  6. I currently use McMyAdmin and I like it a lot.

    I've heard of spacebukkit but never used it, I'll look into it soon.
  7. Mikgreg


  8. Now i'll try SpaceBukkit, i don't like MultiCraft because it has less functions than McMyAdmin
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    I have used them all; liked none of them. I just use straight SSH now.
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  10. I don't understand why people wouldn't go straight to it...
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  11. joehot200


    I agree with nhadobas. Scrap the terrible & crappy minecraft hosts and get yourself a nice SSH and FTP instead.

    I would only recommend MultiCraft as a thing for your server admins if you want them to have permissions to stop/restart the server.
  12. There is an easy fix, get them to use /stop on a script that auto restarts or use /restart.
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  13. CustomForms

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    I wouldn't suggest using any 3rd party application for your server. If your admins don't know how to use SSH they shouldn't be admins. That is my mind set and I will stick to it. It is not any type of negative connotations to anyone.
  14. I used multicraft and mcmyadmin when i had the server in the shared hosting, but now in the dedicated, for my server, i prefer use ssh to start the server and FTP to manage the plugins.
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  15. I would use FTP but I like a nice HUD where I can do everything in a timely manner from anywhere in the world
  16. Favorlock


    People may have their preferences, but if you ask me, from what I've seen of all three, multicraft is the best for multi-server management, plus it supports forge. It's rather simple looking and the memory and cpu bar are rather useless but if you really need that in a gui then... McMyAdmin is relatively clean, but last I used it, it only supported one server. SpaceBukkit looks nice and provides nice features, but only works with bukkit. So if you want a fancy gui and only use bukkit then you can use this. I've used multicraft for over 8 months now and I'm still going to say its the best for managing multiple servers.

    As a note, if you're having issues with multicraft restarting your server due to ping timeout or stuff like that its because of your jar configuration for multicraft. There is an option you can disable and multicraft won't attempt to restart the server when its disabled for that jar configuration.
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  17. So, multicraft is used by the shared hosting minecraft, but if you have a dedicated server for minecraft, you won't use multicraft
  18. You can use multicraft on your own dedi if you want to its not ONLY for shared hosting
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  19. Yes, but it is made for it really, honestly dedi owners shouldn't be using it, it is a tool for inexperienced users like skiddies who have shared hosting for them and their friends, lrn2linux.
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