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  1. Hello, I was wondering if there were any devs who would be interested in making me a plugin. This plugin would allow me to put a command in multiverse so that I can create a World of Endstone, with hills and some oceans and that, butit will replace the sand, dirt,grass, and stone all into stone to make it into a SpaceWorld. Ores would stay.
    This plugin would also make it so you have to wear a space helmet (glassblock) on your head, or if you take it off you start to take damage. (like half a heart). Donors would be able to change the color of the helmet with the permission:
    and they would be able to use the command;
    /helmet (color)
    this would change the color of the donors helmet.

    This Plugin would be for a SpaceFactions Server. If you are interested just comment below or email [email protected]
    I would also be interested in co-owning if you can offer something. (Like making a plugin)
    So If you are able to make this plugin PLEASE let me know!
  2. This should be in the Recruitment and Services section.