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    I'm not sure if this is a common problem on many servers but lately I've had players using SpamBots. Does anyone know of a smart way to prevent this? Perhaps a plugin that only allows a maximum of 5 players with the same ip to join the server or something like that. I've made it so that you must move first to chat which stopped the problem for a while however it looks like they can control their bots now.

    This is how it pretty much looks like:
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  2. NoCheatPlus
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    Pretty sure a skript can be made for this for a low price, @nfell2009
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  4. Don't tag my suggestion as funny. With NoCheatPlus ou can limit joins per seconds and the complete chat if you do it correctly.
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  5. You could even get a plugin to lock chat so only people with bypass perms (staff) can talk.

    So when it starts you do like /lockchat
    and no one can talk except staff.

    Then you do like /unlockchat
    and it unlocks chat so everyone can stop.

    You could even make it so /lockchat 15
    locks chat for 15 minutes.
  6. Just make people have to go to a room and click a sign that they agree to the rules and make that sign move them from guest to normal activating chat and all.
  7. When they use chatbots like that. Do they not need to have an account for each name/bot?
  8. If it is a online-mode=true server yes. When I see this names I would say this are hijacked mojang accounts. On cracked servers bots mostly have names like FEj54eer3 or 345ef34d.
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  9. Ah. Make sense. Damn. Would like to get my hands on the people that hijacked them... Leeches..
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    I don't really want to do that though, I'm just wondering how other large servers deal with this type of thing.
    Antispambots prevents players from saying common words like "Hello" even if they don't say it at the same time which is strange. NoProxy seems to prevent legit users from joining the server so I can't use that.
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    I originally made this plugin for @Regolition, but he has said it's fine for my to release it to others.
    You may want to give this a try.
    By using this plugin you agree to the following:
    - I reserve all my rights, this plugin is Copyright JamesJ, 2015.
    - I provide no warranty that this plugin still works- was made about a month ago.
    - You use this plugin at your own risk.
    - I provide no guarantee that I will update this plugin.
    - Please don't redistribute this plugin.
    - Please do not change the author/website/etc in the plugin.yml (with the exception of the /setspawn command, you may remove that if you wish once you've set the spawn).

    If you agree, the download is here

    I forgot to say what it does:
    Basically, it hides any players in x radius of the spawn point you have defined.
    When the user joins, if they are in this radius, they will be flagged. Until they move out of the radius, they will be vanished, unable to chat, unable to use commands and unable to teleport - anywhere.
    You can automatically unflag players, by using /bot remove <name>
  12. /kickall
  13. Cant you just use Chat Control? (
    You cant chat until you move.
    You cant send similar messages.
    You wont be able to rejoin right after. (Join cooldown)
    You can mute chat.
    Works out of the box.

    Why hasn't this already been recommended, am I missing something?
  14. Tried that. Didn't work well. Muted every short message, muted greetings. Mutet quite a lot making chat work really bad. Also, since we speak swedish on my server it misstook åäö as spam as well.
  15. That won't work. Most spam bots run off of proxies. You could get a Anti-VPN plugin that would block Proxies also.
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  16. Well for the messags spam, you can make a small 5x5 region where people spawn and you can negate the permission to talk. That's what most big servers do because they inherently don't have any join messages. I mean I don't know why chatcontrols "you can't talk until you move" didn't work but Idk. I know in skript I wrote a little thing where if x amount of people join and leave in x amount of time. Then it will turn off join messages.
  17. Well. I just make a serversign with a message telling players to click it and they're moved to a group with permissions to speak. Works perfectly. And since I use serversigns for a lot of other things it mean one less plugin needed ;)
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  18. It's funny how there are all these plugins made to stop all these things and the simplest thing works the best!
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  19. There is plugins making it so you have to move to chat.