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  1. BUG: I went into a NPC (GUI from an NPC when right-clicking). I looked downish and clicked on it (The NPC) and then exited after 2.76 seconds then went to try to walk backwards and it gave false logs and kicked me for "NoSlowDown".
  2. You open a conversation, provide the false logs, and you will possibly have a fix in the next update.
  3. Say I'm the true owner of three servers. Do Spartan's Terms of Use allow me to use the plugin on all three, or do I have to pick?
  4. Yes
  5. Or question. Answer: yes :unsure::unsure::unsure:
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  6. I was in a hurry and answered the first question that asked if the terms allowed that. You are free to use the plugin on multiple servers. Sorry for the confusion.
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  7. I gave my helper rank
    Code (Text):
    Yet when they do @test it just sends it in normal chat and doesn't work?
  8. You must reload the plugin after any configuration or permission change.
  9. It works fine, but 1 issue.


    Comes into the chat for some reason.
  10. I cancel the chat event when the feature occurs. That's a problem with your chat plugin.
  11. Weird. I also have this issue with fast bow;
    Also got this issue with anvils;
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  12. Vagdedes updated Spartan AntiCheat | Hack Blocker | Machine Learning | 1.7 - 1.12.2 with a new update entry:

    Build 185 - Debug Menu / SQL Redesign / Bypass Patches / Lag Corrections / Custom Verbose

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