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  1. Ok thanks :)
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    Vagdedes updated Spartan Anti Cheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | Hack Blocker | 1.7.2 - 1.17.1 with a new update entry:

    Build 438 - 1.18 Server Support

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    I searched my buyer list and my system, and you are not included. Where is the file you are using coming from?
  4. Hello,

    Very sorry. The server I'm running is a joint venture with a friend, he provided the jar stating that it was purchased. Turns out he wanted to be a cheapskate and he found a version online. I've asked him to provide a link to where he downloaded it and he came back with this. [piracy URL elided]

    I've had a chat with this friend about piracy and why its wrong, unfortunately his response was one of not caring.

    I've just purchased the use of the plugin from you now, again - I'm very sorry, I'm wondering about the other paid for plugins on my server now...
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    Thank you. Please edit your message and remove the illegal URL. As for your friend, I recommend testing them over time. If they still seem not to care in the future, just do the server on your own, because own that doesn't understand the basic principle of investing in something, it's not going to succeed.
  6. I have one problem with your plugin :(

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    This has to do with your SQL database, some connection or configuration issue. I am not in a position where I can help with this. If the SQL feature is working correctly, I recommend you ignore this.
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  9. Very sad this program can only be used on 1 IP. i have a bungeecord minigames server and it will only allow me to use it on one server, thus pushing me to look at other options. Not worth the money paid.
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    No one said you cannot have these limits adjusted for free. Please open a conversation and explain the situation in detail.
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    Vagdedes updated Spartan Anti Cheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | Hack Blocker | 1.7.2 - 1.18 with a new update entry:

    Build 439 - Configuration Simplification

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    Vagdedes updated Spartan Anti Cheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | Hack Blocker | 1.7.2 - 1.18.1 with a new update entry:

    Build 440 - Faster Cloud Feature

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  13. 为什么插件不能支持间歇泉?我觉得被骗了。我希望支持间歇泉,因为我是间歇泉服务,玩家可以打开和挂起
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  14. Why can't the plug-in support geyser? I feel cheated. I hope to support geyser, because I am a geyser service, players can open and hang
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    Spartan supports the floodgate plugin, which is usually combined with geyser, and is developed by the geyser developers. The plugin must be installed in each Bukkit server for the compatibility to work, and upon identification of the compatibility, it will exempt players from being checked by Spartan.
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    Dear Developers of Spartan... So far I'm pretty happy with your plugin, near as i can tell it is indeed the very best anti-cheat plugin currently in existence.

    but... there is one thing I was kinda hoping you could change.

    when you do a release could you please include the build# in the jars file name?
    like I know it doesn't seem like much of a change lol, but it would be a later convenience for those of us that like to have our plugins properly labelled.
    also I don't know about anybody else... but its kind of annoying having to go back and rename a plugin because chrome or firefox appends a (number) to it because the filename already exists.

    thank you for your time :)
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    Unfortunately, this won't be made possible anytime soon. Reason being is simply time. I distribute my plugin in 4 different platforms, and this process is very time consuming. In addition, I have to build the project via my programming software and create a jar file out of it, which is additional time on top of the multi-platform distribution. Lastly, I have to obfuscate each jar file, which takes the longest time out of all. I simply don't wish to go the extra step and have to rename the files for a minor convenience, which would cause my obfuscation configuration to have to be partly rewritten each time. I hope you understand, have a good day.
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    Agreed, although since so many plugins don't, it's worthwhile (and pretty easy) for the end-user (ie., server owner) to build a simple tool to add the version string to the filename, along with a tool to ensure that the old JAR is deleted when a new one is installed (the usual reason given for not adding the version string).
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    1. Hello, your plugin has encountered an error and with the plugins required by our server, you can help?The problem with essentials plugin