/spawn and tp commands breaking

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  1. I am running a server but /spawn keeps breaking and other tp commands as well. When you do /spawn, nothing happens. However,
    - rebooting the server - it works for a bit.
    - /ess reload - it works
    - Only people that aren't opped cant, Me (owner of server) I can
    - All Essentials plugins are the latest

    - Using EssentialsX
    - permissions are added to it
    Please someone find a fix for me!

    Here are my plugins: Plugins (58): CleanroomGenerator, NoIGPoppyDrop, BucketStacker, PlaceholderAPI, PlugMan, TagsGUI, ViaVersion, dynmap, WorldEdit, BroadcastXS, Essentials_WarpGUI, NoRain, ClearLag, Votifier, Multiverse-Core, ProtocolLib, GuiRedeemMCMMO, PhantomAntiDupe, NoHopper, ObsidianBreaker, WorldEditCrashFix, PermissionsEx, NightVisionReloaded, AntiDisconnectSpam, mcMMO, StaffChat, Vault, Scoreboard-revision, MoneyPouch, WorldGuard, Holograms, Vote, AuctionHouse, MobStacker, RandomTeleport, PlayerVaults, ClickWarp, ShopGUIPlus, Essentials, Jobs, EnchantGui, Citizens, EssentialsChat, SuperVanish, AntiSwear, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, CrazyCrates, LeaderHeadsRevamped, Factions, TabList, CommandNPC, EssentialsSpawn, GenBucket, CompatNoCheatPlus, SilkSpawners, NoCheatPlus, ChunkBuster, NoPoppyDrops
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  3. Your permissions aren't setup for the /spawn command.
  4. DevSnx

    DevSnx Previously Snx

    you have Permissions for this and set a Spawnpoint?

    Code (Text):
    EssentialsSpawn spawn essentials.spawn Allow access to the /spawn command.
  5. Yes
  6. They are.
  7. DevSnx

    DevSnx Previously Snx

    you have a second plugin for setspawn?
  8. You can check my plugins list. I don't think so
  9. DevSnx

    DevSnx Previously Snx

    Whats you Server Version?
  10. 1.8.8 with Via Version
  11. DevSnx

    DevSnx Previously Snx

    You essentials Version is the right for 1.8?
  12. Interesting. While you get that fixed, somehow. Well, in that case use the aliases in commands.yml and make a warp called "Spawn", then just set the aliase as /spawn but it's excuting /warp spawn.
  13. Omg, that’s really smart. i will try that!
  14. Do /setspawn **
  15. I think I mentioned before to you, why are you bumping threads again... Feb 22, 2020? Are you that bored? No wonder I saw this thread back up on the first page. And /setspawn ** isn't even a valid command. The argument after /setspawn will be marked as a group. There's no human in this world that would name their group "**". Please do your research before posting.