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  1. This is just a rant by me so if you are looking for useful info you'll want to skip over this. But a big issue that's come up in the minecraft server community is small/medium servers are downloading larger server's spawns and using it for their server. In my opinion this is the lowest, most ineffective, and absolutely retarded way to run your server. Copying someones spawn block for block? Your just basically screaming to your players that you have no originality or creativity. For my server this has happened to me once but I've talked with other server owners in which they have had to currently deal with minor server owner downloading and using their spawn. Is there something we can do to stop people from doing this?
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    Wait what?
    You can download other peoples spawns?
  3. yes with a certain mod, it makes it possible to download your loaded chunks.
  4. Not really possible. The client literally just takes the blocks the client sees and makes a copy. Most you can do is use orebfuscstor. Which even then, does almost nothing.
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    We've also had to deal with this, extremely annoying considering the time and effort it takes to develop a server and someone else can just walk in and take your work so easily.
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  7. Welcome to the world. You could *attempt* to trademark it.
  8. That wouldn't very possible as I'm pretty sure the court doesn't care about minecraft.
  9. Well. Wrong and right. Search MineZ trademark.
  10. You can try and send a certain amount of Gbps to the server who copied your spawn.
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    A couple of people have copied my spawn(s), its kinda annoying to join a server and think "this spawn is familiar......".

    Anyway, my spawn isnt very good and has lots of things/signs that only can be there due to custom plugins, which makes it easy to copy the building, but would mean they would have to get rid of large amounts of signs, or remove parts all together (Whats the point of a random tunnel if there isnt a shop in it, for example).
  12. //walls ITEMID isn't a spawn, it's a world edit command.
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    I did not even use worldedit to make my spawn. It is impossible to make over 50 different signs with worldedit, it is impossible to copy quite a few custom plugins, etc, that my spawn has places to.

    What is //walls anyway? I just use //stack :p

  14. /facepalm. Catch up to modern day commands. sk89q's stuff was made to be abused, so it will abuse your server. Come on.
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  15. I just did
        public void onMove(PlayerMoveEvent ev){
            ev.getPlayer().sendMessage(ChatColor.MAGIC + "Go to my crappy site for instructions");
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  16. joehot200


    Code (Text):

    int buy = 0;
    //event.getPlayer().sendMessage(sign.getLine(0) + "  ||||  " + sign.getLine(1));
    if (sign.getLine(0).contains("[Shop]")){
    Player player = event.getPlayer();
    if (!player.getWorld().equals(Bukkit.getWorld("world"))) return;
    //player.sendMessage(ChatColor.GREEN + "hi");
    String line2 = sign.getLine(1);
    String line3 = sign.getLine(2);
    String line4 = sign.getLine(3);
    //int mat = Integer.parseInt(line2);
    //int amt = Integer.parseInt(line3);
    int cost = Integer.parseInt(line4);
    if (!player.getInventory().containsAtLeast(new ItemStack(388, 1), cost)){
    player.sendMessage(ChatColor.RED + "[EndcraftShop] You dont have enough emeralds!");
    player.getServer().dispatchCommand(player.getServer().getConsoleSender(), "give " + player.getName() + " " + line2 + " " + line3);
    //player.getInventory().addItem(new ItemStack(mat, amt));
    player.getInventory().removeItem(new ItemStack(388, cost));
    Most people dont know how to code, and though its not exactly that advanced code, its not easy for new coders to just replicate my work.

    Slightly scruffy too. I am sure no developer can replicate that :p
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  17. Doh.
    Do you even indent bro?

    I'm with LaxWasHere.

    Also, do you even realize that lax is insulting you?
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    Ok, very well, lets hijack this thread and have a big argument and get us banned. I am sure that will help us to no end.
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  19. Puremin0rez


    Actually, if I remember right, putting TNT and Redstone Block into your Orebfuscator list will cause the world to "explode" because the client downloaded the blocks as legitimate blocks.

    Full proof solution? No. The person will have to do something fiddling with MCEdit to fix it.
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