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  1. I have Multiverse, Essentials and Worldguard. How can I make it, that players will spawn in the world that they die in? Like spawning in World A if they die in World A.
  2. Code (Text):
    command /WorldA:
            player has the permission "worlda.admin"
            set {WorldALand} to location of player
    Code (Text):
    on respawn:
    [Tab]world is "WorldA"
    [Tab][Tab]teleport player to {WorldALand}
    This skript works. If he died, world is worlda, teleport player to worldaland

    [Tab] = Tab lenght ( ) idk
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  3. oh thank you very much
  4. If you need this coded as an actual plugin, hit me up. Norska#1933
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