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  1. Okay so when ever I'm at the wild, I get 200+ fps, but when i go to my spawn, my fps drops to 50-60. It's not bad, it's just that when it drops it feels very choppy. How do I fix this? What's causing this?
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    Biggest cause of this is lots of signs with text on them. If you have tons of signs (typical in spawn areas) the text/signs being loaded near the players will drop FPS. With Spigot I used to be able to set the tracking range of signs to a short distance so my spawn doesn't drop FPS so much, but it doesn't seem to affect signs anymore.
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  3. Yeah I have lots of signs and item frames with pictures in them, like maybe around 100-200 in spawn, because my shops are in spawn. So I guess I have to remove some :/
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    This surprises me, i have a lot of signs in my shop at spawn, and yet the spawn rarely laggs, and i certainly have no reports about it.
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  5. How have you set the tracking range of signs?
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    This are definetely the item frames! We have big shopping-malls with tons of itemframes in it. Fps drops there from about 300 to 40.
    The best move would be to move the spawn a bit (out of the standard chunk loading radius) or put it on a completely new location and make the shops accessable through a warp.
    Just my opinion:p
  7. Dang, i wish there was another alternative
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    Offline mode (cracked) or premium server?
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    What does that have to do with anything?
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    If offline mode, like my server, there's heaps of players stuck at /spawn and /logging in or /registering.
    Added to players re-spawning when killed or just roaming around the spawn zone.

    In total, that could cause a lot of fps at spawn.
  11. My spawn has about fourty signs in it. Which isn't a whole compared to other areas or spawns. My spawn didn't lag a single bit until 1.6. During 1.5.2 and before my spawn was completely fine and the spawn is the exact same. However now in 1.6 . Places like my shop area and spawn now have decent FPS lag. Makes no sense.

    I hope they resolve the issue.
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    My server in general is always laggy. Even before 1.6
  13. I have the same 'problem'. In the wild I get around 400fps, at my spawn it goes to around 80-100fps.
    but if I go to the player shop area.. my fps goes down to around 25-30 lol

    EDIT: I lowered the servers view-distance from 5 to 4 and it increased my fps at spawn by 50
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  14. So I guess that fixed it?
  15. The lagg is caused by oscured areas and the blocks like ladders etc, try to light your spawn and avoid slab blocks, also i had this problem, but when i do these things, the fps was 10/20 and now are 50/60
  16. How will we fix this? D:
  17. Computercraft for the win!
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    This would help
  19. Experience has shown ItemFrames and Sings to make a laggy spawn. Ive always found spawns to be laggier than the rest of the world. Usually its trivial - but if you don't take step to limit it does built up.

    Annoyingly as well It's never one single thing. You'll find its a little bit of everything that causes lag being in the same area, and this makes it so much harder to definatively find and fix it.

    Typically this is worse if your main spawn areas is also a town like area with shops and the like where people hang around. Those with an ornamental spawn with portals to the "play" areas fair better.

    All in my experience of course :)
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    Necroposting FTW!!!!