Spawn In EnderDragon with NMS

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  1. I tried making a thread before and some people directed me somewhere, but no one ever replied to that thread after bumping it a few times, so I'm making another one. How do I spawn in the EnderDragon with NMS (I want the spawn in sequence that happens after you place the end crystals). I got this but it doesn't work:

    Code (Text):
    if(world.worldProvider instanceof WorldProviderTheEnd) {
                EnderDragonBattle enderdragonbattle = ((WorldProviderTheEnd) world.worldProvider).t();

  2. Why NMS? Something like this would work?
    endWorld.spawnEntity(someLocation, Entity.ENDER_DRAGON);
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  4. No, I want to spawn in the dragon without having players place crystals.
  5. Again I don't know how the crystal or anything works, but are you not enable to cancel the event / set the crystal to air and give it back to them / something along those lines? If not dw, was just trying to help <3