Spawn-on-join, SpawnTP, two spawn points... help :(

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  1. I'm working on testing a BungeeCord system. Everything seems to be working great except one thing. I want my players to *always* generate at the spawn point of the lobby world.

    At first I tried to set this parameter in EssentialsX:

    # Teleport all joining players to the spawnpoint
    spawn-on-join: true

    That didn't work. I tested it with a regular (non-op) player and it simply didn't do the trick. Then I tried installing the SpawnTP plugin, and that's not doing it either. Also, on top of that, I'm very confused what the difference is between /setspawn and /setworldspawn.

    Any thoughts on making this working correctly would be grand.

  2. /setworldspawn is a vanilla command, and this is the location where a player respawns when they die, this is not where they spawn when they join the server whereas /setspawn is not a vanilla Minecraft command and this sets the join location of a player.
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  3. Wonderful. That clears that portion up.

    Any thoughts on: 1) why my EasettialsX parameter isn’t working; 2) if I should use that or SpawnTP; 3) if the latter, why SpawnTP isn’t working?

    Thanks to you and anybody else for the help. Cheers!
  4. Try this:

    Set spawn-on-join: to true and where you want your spawn to be, type "/essentials:setspawn"
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  5. You need to set the default server in the bungeecord config.yml.
  6. That's already done. That's not the issue. The issue is that when my test player logs into the lobby, the player starts where he left the lobby. I want the player to return to the spawn point every time.