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  1. Hello community,

    Almost all day I've tried to fix glitch/bug with spawning, respectively first spawn, spawn on first join.
    In this moment, I have 3 plugins which control spawn location. AuthMe, Essentials, MultiVerse

    On the server I have 2 permission group > Novacek, Hrac > It's not english word.
    In all case, which I've tried, spawn was controlled by MultiVerse.

    AuthMe config.yml:
    AuthMe spawn.yml:

    Essentials config.yml:
    Essentials spawn.yml:

    MultiVerse config.yml:
    MultiVerse world.yml:

    At the end:
    I want to set up spawn for first join and for permission group Novacek, into world event.
    And for permission group Hrac I want to have spawn in Chaos.

    It looks easy, but I've tried many configuration with config, but nothing works.
    I am really confused about this terrifying problem.
    Which is right solution ?

    Thanks for every response.
  2. Multiverse and Essentials could be having a conflict with spawn points.
  3. Ah there is for sure a setting for this. I relay on essentials to handle first spawn location and /spawn location. Both multiverse and essentials plugins can respect each other through their priorities, Or even work together when handling spawning.

    Tomorrow I will post my essentials config and multiverse config. While my first spawn point is in the same world it wouldn't matter as it just treats it kinda like a warp.

    For my first spawn I stand where I want it and do /setspawn NewP (just the name I set it to.) then for my respawn spot or /spawn I just do /setspawn somewhere in the essentials config it has a setting to handle firstspawn which is where I put in NewP for that spawn point. Then I just messed with priorities so essentials overrides multiverse. And it works.

    Edit. I forgot you said you have authme. I need that plugin soon. I don't know how that interacts with essentials or multiverse
  4. Very bottom youll see how i have it set up Essentials Config-

    Multiverse config (note i do in fact have the first spawn world set to the same world my NewP spawn point is, i have no clue if that has any effect i just know mine works.) -