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  1. Hi Guys,
    When a brand new player comes in to the hub server they spawn in the middle of the Area which is what I want them to do, however if they go through a portal to another server (survival) and then return to the hub server, they do not spawn in the middle of the hub server again, they spawn near the portal to the survival server everytime. It is only brand new players who seem to spawn in the middle of the hub. How can I make everyone spawn at an area in the hub even if they have been on the server before?

    I have tried to change the spawn but it still puts everyone near the portal. I only go to the set spawn area in the hub if I use the command /spawn

    This is creating problems because they spawn so close to the portal, if they remain there they get teleported to the nether of the Hub Server which is something I don't want.
  2. Some awesome dude created a plugin called SpawnTP, might want to check it out.
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  3. Thanks Lax

    EDIT: PS that awesome dude wasnt you by chance was it LOL