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  1. Me and a friend built this spawn a while back. We never really got around to using it as we ended up making an entirely new one. I'm not using it so I figure I might as well sell it? It has a shop under it, but I can remove that if need be. So, here's a picture.


    And I have a video showing it as well. Though I've removed a few things that went with my server plans. Now it's an empty spawn ready to be fully customized by someone else.

    ** NOTE: I can assure whomever is interested 100%, that this spawn is not on any other server. No one has access to it but me and me only. **
  2. $15 maybe
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  3. Hm, alrighty.
    And can I have an estimate on this one too?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]