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  1. Does anyone possible know the whole Minecraft spawner IDs? I am using essentials to sell spawner's on my server, but when they try to buy the spawner, it gives them a pig spawner.

    So I am just wondering, if any knows the spawner IDs?
  2. Hi there.

    So yes, I'd recommend SilkSpawners and their ShopAddon, that will make everythibg much easier for you, and your players.
    I had the same problem on my server a while back. Here you go, a few links to help you out, mate.

    Sign Addon:
    A list of vanilla spawners:

    Here you go:
    52:50 = Creeper
    52:51 = Skeleton
    52:52= Spider
    52:53= Giant
    52:54= Zombie
    52:55= Slime
    52:56= Ghast
    52:57= PigZombie
    52:58= Enderman
    52:59 = CaveSpider
    52:60= Silverfish
    52:61= Blaze
    52:62= Lavaslime (magma cube)
    52:63= EnderDragon
    52:64= WitherBoss
    52:65= Bat
    52:66= Witch
    52:90 = Pig
    52:91= Sheep
    52:92= Cow
    52:93= Chicken
    52:94= Squid
    52:95= Wolf
    52:96= MushroomCow
    52:97= SnowMan
    52:98= Ozelot
    52:99 = VillagerGolem
    52:100 = Horse
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  3. Right click the spawner with the egg to do it in a world but use BunnyTadPole's advice.
  4. Hi again.
    So if you choose to go with the "vanilla" way, I'd recommend using EssentialsX, I've read that they (maybe) improved the pig spawners.

    I found this on their wiki page:
    • "Fixed mob spawner support. This means you can use spawner signs and commands such as/i mob_spawner:51, and the spawners won't be pigs when placed."
    Here, a link for you, mon ami, just because.. eh
  5. Yes, works a lot better than essentials itself
  6. ty realy needed this