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  1. Players are using spawners, after a while the spawner gets full with ex. alot of skeletons.
    Standing and afking and letting it spawn hundreds of skeletons on 1 block.

    Which makes the server crash after a while, when there is overloaded with ex. skeletons.

    Any plugin to avoid this, I know there is plugins which makes multiple skeletons on one skeleton.
    But I dont want that, is there any other way then that plugin to fix this?
  2. limit amount of mobs spawned per chunk
    Code (YAML):
    : 50
    : 15
    : 4
    : 15
  3. Wow, thanks alot.
    Where can I find that?
  4. bukkit/spigot.yml
  5. Sorry if I look like a noob, but how big is like a chunk?
    Also, thanks alot <3
  6. You can find all that information on this useful tool!
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