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  1. I am starting up a new server and spawners are going to be a big part of the economy, but the plugins ive tried don't work! i used silk spawners but can't find a way to make a shop, then i tried buy spawners and the perms are so glitchy sometimes they work sometimes they don't and there is no way to give perms on who can silk and who can't does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in Advance.
  2. You can use essentials signs shop or chestshop plugin for that. And what do you mean when saying 'perms glitchy' ? Whats is glitchy?
  3. I an't get essentials sign shop to work with silk spawners
  4. Alot of other people are also having this problem
  5. Did you installed up to date plugin? What is not working with essentials sign shop?
  6. Im creating a prison server so i do not know much about it.
  7. I Want to be able to sell Spawners, maybe i didn't make that clear, but essentials shop just gives you a pig spawner no matter what you do.
  8. You can you MonsterBox plugin which will let you to change mob spawner type.
  9. spawners dont work with 1.8. if you use silkspawners you have to /ss creeper
  10. I dont know.. sorry ;/
  11. i had same problem,when someon buy spawner they got pig spawner not irongolem:D or blaze:d
  12. Try Spawners 2.01 I've been using it. It just needs configuration :)!

    Silkspawners is a nice plugin but the source code is way to messy
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    EssentialsEco does NOT allow the selling of spawners, due to the unavailability of metadata capabilities.
  14. download essentialsx
  15. Download EssentialsX
    It has support to spawners in SilkSpawners.
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    Please don't post the same thing as said above.

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  17. Oops, sorry about that. Didn't look at the dates :p