Spigot SpawnerUtils 3.1-SnapShot

Obtain Spawner via Mining, in-game payment may be required

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    SilkSpawner - Silk Touch Spawners To Obtain Them

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  2. Add more useful function plz!
    Such as:
    Reload command;
    Language file;
    Customable config;
    Chance to pick the spawners(example:10% chance to get spawners block,if don't,get some exp ball.)
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    Fixed Issues

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  4. Could you give me an example of what I should put in the language file?
    and my next target will be to add a drop chance thanks!
  5. such as the reload message
    and help page message
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  6. could you suggest some languages for me, I was thinking English, German, ~Spanish.
    and ill incorporate them into the plugin and all the messages
  7. sorry i just know English and Chinese.x-x
  8. @matyasvane why would you give a developer 3 stars simply because it lacked a language file? the plugin's features are all in the description and you would have knew that there is no language file
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