Spigot SpawnGUI [Demo Version] 1.8.8

When player die, it teleports to the nearest spawn point chosen.

  1. hsndmrts_ submitted a new resource:

    Rps Spawns - When a player dies, whichever is nearer to the starting point of her beam you have selected.

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  2. Define "Beam" closest. Because this seems like another useless setspawn plugin that essentials can already do... if you mean beacon beams thats pretty cool, though the /setspawns seems to indicate it just sets a spawn for the next player who dies to respawn there...
  3. This is teleporting to the nearest between selected points.
  4. mk. Pretty unique than... at least for a free plugin here. =)
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  5. I do paid soon :) Be careful :p
  6. At least you made a small useful plugin. Other free plugins do /sethome /heal /fly -_- Essentials has these... I thought yours was just a /setspawn for like setting the world spawn lol. But yeah, as long as you make a paid that is useful too... I'd be fine with it. just don't make tons of paid useful plugins, than make crap shitty free ones like those mentioned above -_-
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