Spigot SpawnTP 4.0.0

Teleports joined player to set spawn location. Ideal for hub servers!

  1. I would not see the benefits of this feature. You can use a alias plugin to perform the /spawn command on /hub. Also this plugin cannot interact with other servers like a bungeecord plugin can.
  2. What? where do players go when they join the server.
  3. If they connect to your lobby server they will spawn on the set spawnpoint.
  4. hey friend plugin is back to where you set the SPAWN right?
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  5. You can set the default spawn location with
    Code (Text):
    /spawntp setspawn
  6. With lobby server I mean the server you have in your bungeecord config with the option `force_default_server`
  7. update for 1.11 ?
  8. I haven't opend mincraft for a while. Do you assume the plugin doesn't work or can you confirm it doesn't work.
    If it's broken I will put out an update ASAP.
  9. Please add support in minecraft 1.11x
  10. Planning on doing that this weekend.
  11. Could you help me with this? I'm using spigot 1.8.8
    I did set the spawn with the correct command, the yml-file showed me the correct coords.
    Now is my problem that i do not get teleported to the coords when i join.
    When activated, the /spawn does teleport me to the correct coords
  12. Hey i running a 1.8 lobby server and i used "/spawntp setspawn" but players not being teleported when them join

    And its stand its installed, And no errors in console
    And i checked the config and the cords stand there
  13. Very good plugin, But i have a problem is how to disable 'There is no spawn set for this world' msg?
  14. Well you could set a spawn for that world using /spawntp setspawn ;). But I understand your problem, I will look into it ASAP.
  15. How about a config to choose to bypass this?

    "the /spawn plugin is working perfectly but when my players (not opped and has no permission to bypass the system in their ranks) join the server, they spawned where they last left."

    I had to uninstall and go back to spawn.jar because I am always Opped on this account and when I come back to my Bungee Hub, I enter within the portal I just left. Any chance to add a line in the config so that even Opped users get sent to spawn? This is only needed on ONE of my servers. The rest work perfect with your plugin! :)