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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Mr_Jacksonville, May 11, 2017.

  1. So, I'm just wondering, what are some good websites I should build my gaming PC from? What are some specification you would recommend me if I were to record about 15 minutes long videos every day and play Minecraft with about 100-1000 players online at the same time without lag? Try to make it as cheap as possible. Thanks! :)
  2. pcpartpicker.com

    You can view other people's builds, and "build" your own (pick the parts) and compare prices.
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  3. Along with what @ryans1230 suggested, I recommend you use UserBenchmark to find the best GPUs, CPUs, SSDs, HDDs, and RAM.
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  4. The most important things when making a build are:

    1. CPU
    2. Graphics performance
    3. Get a SSD (even a small one) for the main OS

    Really what determines how good your setup will be is your budget. For instance my build is around $3k in value but doesn't get 3x the performance a $1k build might have.

    As mentioned above PCPartPicker is an awesome website.
  5. Honestly that shouldn't cost too much. Are you looking for a full part list?