Special Characters Not Working In 1.8.8 server (1.8.9)

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  1. When i try adding this | or ✚ etc i get a message sent like.
    (What's writtin in the config)
    Code (Text):
          material: WATCH
          quantity: 1
          name: "&6&lMarketplace &e✚ &f706 items"
            - ""
            - "&6✚ &fOptions:"
            - "   &e┃ Sell or Buy items"
            - ""
            - "&6[Informative item]"
        slot: 2
    Message i get to see

    Anyone can help with this..?

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  2. You need set your config ANSI encoding
  3. didn't work
  4. Are you using Notepad+?
  5. Yes
  6. Usually you need it as UTF-8 encoding and not ANSI for bukkit.
  7. The config right now is in UTF-8

    Still didn't work