Spigot SpecialBows 1.4.1

Special bows with powers!

  1. Ghxst_PvP submitted a new resource:

    StormBow - A storm bow that strikes lightning!

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  2. you can make the bow more freer!
    such as special gui to craft special bows
    like this↓
    Bow Maker GUI(example and test!)
    aea a=decorate things(customable)
    b=confirm buttom
    c=something to add into the bow
    d=put the bow at here
    e=close this gui

    bows that are crafted by gui will have a normal name and special lore,like this↓
    hot(add lore)

    if you have played the mod named tinkers' construct,you will understand it better.
  3. I already knew all of that but it’s not necessary because it’s mostly only a plugin to mess around